FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2018

The registrations for FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2018 are closed.

For a complete list of projects under FOSSEE fellowship, visit FOSSEE fellowship page.

Important Dates:
Click here to know the important dates. Please note that these deadlines override the deadlines given in the individual pages of each project.

Screening Task: We no longer accept any proposals for Fellowship. Complete one Textbook Companion using R. R Textbook Companion project aims to port solved examples from standard textbook using R. More details about the project can be found here. Please use the proposal fom in this interface to propose the book, but to submit your code please see the section "Procedure to submit screening task" given below.

Please choose a textbook for which R code is not already available.  If a book already has R code, do NOT select that book.

Procedure to submit screening task: 

  1. You will receive an email with the subject line "FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2018 - Submission".
  2. Click here to visit the submission portal and login with your username and password given in the email.
  3. Select R under 'My Courses' section to submit the task(s).

Technical Requirements: Knowledge in R

Evaluation Criteria:

Following criteria will be considered while evaluating the codes:

  1. Complexity of the codes
  2. Accuracy of results obtained