FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2024

R Screening Tasks

Following are the two screening tasks for the R FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2024. It is mandatory for a candidate to complete both screening tasks to be eligible for the Fellowship.

Screening Task 1 - Case Study Project

1. Choose a problem statement related to sociology, psychology, ecology, medicine, climatology, finance, etc., for a case study that has a scope of statistical analysis to be performed in the pursuit of finding a solution. Create a .pdf file describing the objective and necessity of the problem statement, a literature survey of the existing works on the dataset.

2. Find relevant open-source freely available data related to the chosen problem. 

Kindly go through the following list of online data repositories for reference:

  1. Open Government Data (OGD) Platform India (

  2. UN Data (

  3. Our World in Data (

A candidate may also work on data collected manually by themselves.

Create a data directory folder containing the data file, a description of the data (in .pdf format) and the data source link (.txt file).

3. Perform an EDA/statistical analysis on the dataset in an R markdown file and render it in html to justify the problem statement in the format described below in the “Instructions for screening task 2 submission” section.

4. Refer to the completed case studies presented on the R FOSSEE website ( to get an idea of the ideal submission.

Screening Task 1 Submission

1. Participants will have to create an Rmarkdown file to prepare a report on their submission. And render it in .html.

2. The name of the submitted Rmarkdown/html file should be as follows:

Participant_name_case_study_topic.rmd, Participant_name_case_study_topic.html.

3. Attach the data directory folder, Markdown files and problem statement pdf in a single folder and name it as follows:

R_your_name (examples: R_Priya_Sharma, R_Raja_Awasthi)

4. Compress the folder to create a ZIP file (.zip).

5. Give the ZIP file the same name as that of the folder.

6. Email the ZIP file to “” for evaluation using the same email ID that was used for registration on the R FOSSEE website. Keep the subject as R Summer Fellowship 2024 Task - Your Name (examples: R Summer Fellowship 2024 Task - Raja Awasthi)

Screening Task 2 - Textbook Companion (TBC) Project

1. Visit the R FOSSEE website and register to create an account.

2. Go through the procedure for submitting a TBC and read the submission guidelines.

3. Select a textbook, keeping in mind that the textbook should neither be on the completed TBC list nor the books in progress list.

4. Code 10 different examples that utilize different predefined functions of R and propose the textbook.

5. After approval of the proposed textbook, start working on the TBC.