Case Study Project

“Case Study Project” is an initiative that looks to promote and facilitate the usage of R programming language for data manipulation, data analysis, programming, and computational aspects of statistical topics in authentic research applications. Specifically, it looks to create an extensive resource database of different packages available in R, which will help solve problems related to mathematics or analytics. Furthermore, it aims to provide faculty, researchers, and students with exposure to the entire thought process of approaching the computations of a complete data analysis project. It is entirely different from teaching a programming language. It illustrates how high-level programming language evolves. 

The case study project encourages you to solve a feasible statistical problem statement of reasonable complexity using R. Once it passes through our quality checks, it will become part of this common database of solved case studies. To ensure that your efforts are recognized and benefit your career, an approved case study will be provided with an eCertificate.

Technical Requirements: 

  • Any student (UG, PG, research scholar, etc.) or faculty member can submit the case study project who has a basic knowledge of R. 
  • A clearly defined straightforward case study problem solved using data and statistical or machine learning models with the expected output.