I am Diksha Bothra from Jaipur, Rajasthan. I am pursuing B.Tech from Poornima College of Engineering, Jaipur. I was working on FLOSS R during the FOSSEE summer fellowship May-July 2019. The thing that distinguishes FOSSEE from others is that you don't need to be toppers to get an opportunity to work. Its selection procedure is entirely based on hands-on work and tasks that they assign. Even if you don't get selected there are no regrets, as you learn a lot while completing and competing during the tasks assigned for selection. The mentors were always available for helping you out for your queries no matter you get selected or not. They are ready to help at any time and in the best way possible. The experience after being there in IIT Bombay was another delight once you get selected. We got to work on some problem statements with our mentors always there to make us improve. Not only the technical aspects, the experiences over there give life lessons. You bond with people, explore newer areas of technology, explore your personality and know the future reach of technology. And last but not least you get to stay at IIT Bombay which is just the best experience I had.

Diksha Bothra

FOSEE Summer Fellow 2019


It was a wonderful experience in IIT Bombay, being a FOSSEE fellow. First of all, I like the selection procedure of the FOSSEE fellowship. FOSSEE offers fellowships in various FLOSS projects and for the selection, some tasks need to be completed in the particular FLOSS given by FOSSEE. Selection is done based on the performance in the tasks. By this selection procedure, we even in the selection procedure work on the same technology/FLOSS in which we are interested in.

Due to my college exams, I joined the fellowship a little late, therefore, all other team members were ahead of me in the project. All my team members and mentors guided me through what is our project, what we have done so far and how we have to move forward. The mentors were very helpful and kind. They guided me throughout the fellowship, not only in technical aspects but also taught me many life lessons that I’ll never forget. I’ll always remember and apply those life lessons that I have learned from them.   

 Neeraj Kumar,
FOSSEE Summer Fellow 2019