Case Study: eCertificate


Approved projects will be provided with an eCertificate depending upon the quality and content of the project. Some essential clearance criteria have to be met by the work to be considered for a preliminary assessment. These are as follows:

  • The report MUST be drafted in the template provided on the website. All grammar and language checks MUST be performed. Clear figures, equations and tables must be provided. Label all graphs, axes, and legends in plots. A standard format for paper references must also be ensured.
  • The case study and report both must meet all the anti-plagiarism guidelines. The guidelines are available here for review.

Once the conditions as mentioned above are met, then the case study material will be evaluated for honorarium purposes based on the following criteria. Please note that these criteria are just guidelines and are not exhaustive. 

  1. Quality of the report: Quality will depend on the organisation of various topics in the report, the rigour of discussion, the overall clarity in the structure of the report, and content presentation.
  2. Quality and quantity of results: Results with appropriate plots. Quality of plots in the report. Use of contours, which are the most common way for representing results in reports. 
  3. Quality of code: The code should have explicit comments related to the R/RStudio version, packages, libraries used. The different sections of the data analysis part should be appropriately labelled. 
  4. Quality of methodology: Appropriate data cleaning methods used. Projected an effective way of exploring data. The appropriate data analysis technique used. Use of available packages and functions of R.
  5. Quality of conclusion: Significant conclusion as per the objective of the case study project.

Please note that assessment of the quality of work is purely the discretion of the FOSSEE team and is deemed final.