FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2019


  • The registration for FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2019 starts on 1 February 2019.
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Resources to learn R language

  • Click here to download R.
  • Click here to download RStudio. 
  • To start learning R, refer to the spoken tutorials on R
  • Click here to download the completed R Textbook Companion (TBC) code. 

Screening Tasks

The participants have to complete two tasks, namely R Textbook Companion (R TBC) and Data Collection and Analysis. For the sake of brevity, we will name these tasks as Task A and Task B. 

  1. Task A (R TBC) -- Each participant has to complete one R Textbook Companion. In this task, the participant needs to submit code in R language for the solved examples in a book related to the domain of Probability, Statistics, Algebra, etc. To know more about R TBC, please click here
  2. Task B (Data Collection and Analysis) -- In this task, each participant will be asked to collect socially relevant data. Apart from this, the participant has to analyze the collected data. 

Please note that TBC project runs throughout the year. So, we allow a candidate to finish one TBC within a span of three months, given he/she has other commitments. However, as this has been floated as a screening task (Task A) for FOSSEE Summer Fellowship, we expect the candidates to finish this faster. That's why we suggest you submit a book proposal and start coding (after your proposal is approved). Even if you are not selected for FOSSEE Summer Fellowship, you will be eligible for e-certificate and honorarium (up to Rs 14,400), provided you finish your TBC within three months' time. 

Note: Task B might be modified or changed, as per the requirements of FOSSEE project. Thus, we encourage the participants to finish Task A as soon as possible. Please keep visiting here for latest updates.

Details of Task A

Objective: To complete one R Textbook Companion (TBC).


  1. Familiarize yourself with R programming language. Resources can be accessed by clicking here.  
  2. Read more about TBC by clicking here. Please read the instructions given on this page very carefully. 
  3. Read coding guidelines by clicking here. Please read the instructions given on this page very carefully. Any submission violating these guidelines will not be accepted/ approved. 
  4. Create an account on R - FOSSEE and sign in by using your credentials. 
  5. Submit a book proposal by clicking here. Please upload at least five sample code in the proposal. You will not be able to access this page without having a valid account on R - FOSSEE
  6. Wait for 24-72 hours to know whether your proposal is accepted. The decisions will be emailed to you. 
  7. If the proposal is accepted, proceed to complete the TBC as soon as possible. 
  8. If the proposal is not accepted, you may submit another book proposal. 

Details of Task B

FOSSEE project is committed to having an impact on society for a noble cause. We are looking for enthusiastic participants who are ready to contribute to society in their district/Taluka by participating in this activity. We would like you to participate in collecting information (see the list) from the district collector’s office/ Tehsil office. We have sent formal letters to the district collector office/Tehsil office to cooperate with you and provide you the required information. We have uploaded a copy of the letter for your reference. You can take a print out of the same while visiting the office. Please contact us if you need any help.

What do you have to do? 

There are approximately 23 variables. Please choose at least 12 variables from the list for which you need to collect data from the district collector’s office.  You can choose as many variables as possible.

Approval and Acceptance of Selected Variables

In Moodle, please select variables from the given list under Task B and submit it. R team will review your variables and assign accordingly. You will have to start working on these variables.

Where to go? 

You need to go to the district collector’s office/ Tehsil office to collect the information

What is next after the collection of the information? 

You can convert collected information into .CSV table file format. Import the same in R programming language. You might want to use RStudio for this. Subsequently, you need to clean data by removing missing observations e.g. NA, Blank. After cleaning data, please prepare a report using R Markdown which will include

  1. Raw data: In CSV format
  2. Scan copy of Document received from District Collector’s office
  3. Visualization of data :
    • Box plot
    • Histogram/Bar Chart
  4. Analysis of data:
    • Summary of data  
    • Correlation between two variables
    • Corrplot to plot correlation.
    • Linear regression/ Multivariate regression
  5. Conclusion: Write a conclusion using the above results.

Note: You can use your creativity and imagination to make your report attractive. 

How do I get benefitted? 

District collectors will use your work for their reference. We will have a separate link on our website for your work. You can use it for any purpose like for jobs, internships, Teaching Assistantship, etc. We will issue a certificate of participation for those whoever is able to get information of at least 12 variables.


Please log in to Moodle for submission guidelines. 

Queries/ Questions

Please send an email to contact-r(at)fossee(dot)in with the subject line "Queries for FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2019 -- [Your Name]".