Guidelines for Coding

All the guidelines should be followed without fail for timely acceptance of code and award of the internship. Failure to do so might result in a rejection of your work.

  1. Use R 3.3.0 and higher versions for coding. The old versions are available at
  2. The codes should follow the naming convention as given below. Codes shall not be approved if the naming convention is not followed strictly as instructed. For example, 3rd solved problem from chapter 1 (Example 1.3) should be represented exactly by code named as Ex1_3.R. Please mention the page number of each solved example at the top in your code as a comment. 
  3. If a solved example contains multiple parts as 'a', 'b' and 'c'. Then all parts are to be solved in a single code file only. A particular solved example should be associated with a single code file.
  4. Make sure that the required packages are installed and loaded.
  5. If the textbook contains significant errors (more than 2% deviation in calculations/results). Then kindly copy and paste only either of the below two comments at the end of the code as per the situation -

    "The answer may slightly vary due to rounding off values."
    "The answer provided in the textbook is wrong."

  6. Try to get the final solution of a code in the same format (fraction, decimal etc.) and/or units (degree, radian, centigrade, joule etc.) as in the textbook. If it can't be done then kindly copy and paste the following comment at the end of the code -
    "The answer may vary due to difference in representation."
    "The answer may vary due to the change in units."
  7. Do not reproduce exact or similar problem statements and/or text from the textbook in your code.
  8. Please do not add any comments except mentioned in (2), (5) and (6).
  9. Do not add the command for installing packages in code.
  10. Do not add any command like "readline" to ask for input from the user.
  11. For every solved example that is interpreted as non-codable by the contributor. The contributor should add the example's cropped image from the textbook clearly displaying the example number, solution procedure, and the final answer along with a proper reason in the required document which is to be uploaded with the TBC codes.
  12. Once you have completed coding, mail us at contact-r(at)fossee(dot)in with complete details including your name and allotted book.