Guidelines for Coding

  1. Mention the version of the operating system, R and RStudio, at the beginning of each code as comments.

  2. Use the R function rm(list = ls()) at the beginning of each code. It will clear the R workspace.

  3. Each experiment in the PDF format or can prepare PDF using the Rmakdown file should have the following things -

  • Explanation of concept.

  • Step by step procedure.

  • The output of the experiment.

  • Findings/results/analysis after each step or at the end of each experiment.

  1. Please include code file, data file (if require), PDF file in the zipped format for each experiment.

  2. Label all graphs, axes, and legends in plots.

  3. Please do not write any code which may require user input​.

Note: The faculty in charge of the lab has to submit the lab proposal and provide his/her contact details. Students should not send the lab proposal. Any user who provides solutions for a lab course can work on only one lab at a time.